Tom Bentley

Working with people and institutions around the world on innovation and learning to renew education, economic and community life.

Words, Thoughts & Ideas

The Self Creating Society

This essay explores the connections between the world-wide shift towards self-determination and self-realisation – the urge to be free and to shape one’s own life

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The Responsibility to Lead

This monograph began as an oration for the Australian Council of Educational Leadership in 2018.  It grapples with the challenge of educational leadership when the

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I Believe

That our communities and politics will work better when we draw on more people with more diverse talents, and bring out what they can do.

That our institutions can be redesigned pragmatically to meet the challenges we face in this century.

That injustice needs to be confronted.

That education and learning are at the heart of the progress we can make.

What I Do

I am the Executive Director for Policy and Impact, and a Vice-Chancellor's Innovation Professor at RMIT University in Melbourne.

RMIT is one of Australia’s great tertiary education institutions, based in Melbourne with centres in Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and Barcelona.