The Real Deal is a unique project, consulting over 150 young people over eight months about their views of politics, social exclusion and the government policies that affect them.

These young people have, between them, direct experience of the most severe forms of disadvantage, adversity and exclusion from mainstream society. They know at first hand what it is like to experience homelessness, the care system, abuse, school exclusion, drugs, unemployment and family conflict. Where these issues are concerned, they are the experts. But most had never been consulted before about their views.

The Real Deal set out to discover these young people’s views and create opportunities to present them directly to policy-makers. During fringe meetings at the Party conferences, and a policy seminar at 11 Downing Street, young people gave their views, made policy recommendations and debated the issues with senior politicians and civil servants. The full report sets out the results of group discussions, individual interviews, seminars and public debates. It explains the context and methodology of the project and makes detailed policy recommendations.


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